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About Ashwood

Ashwood University An overview about Ashwood University  
Ashwood's life experience degree programs have provided a rich learning experience for working adults without requiring them to attend classes or
take tests. Ashwood has been offering accredited degrees for many years.

The primary objective of Ashwood University is to provide the best opportunities for working professionals to boost their careers and improve their livelihood.

  Ashwood is Preferred because:

• It offers degrees in every field and discipline
• Thousands of working adults have already successfully received accredited   degrees from Ashwood University
• It provides 100% recognition of the work or life experience of its students
• It has been accredited by the World Online Education Accrediting    Commission (IAAOS) and the Global Accreditation Board for Distance Education    (GABDE)

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Ashwood University Philosophy of Ashwood University  
Ashwood University was established to assist working adults in earning accredited degrees based on their previous work or life experience.

Unlike other universities, Ashwood provides 100% recognition of the work
or life experience of its students. This means, professionals requiring life experience degrees do not have to attend classes or take examinations. They just need to have some work or life experience to qualify for the accredited degrees at Ashwood.

Ashwood uses the services of a well-qualified and experienced faculty,
which evaluates and assesses the background, experience, and qualifications of the working adults who apply to Ashwood for their
work or life experience based degrees. The university provides accredited bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, associate degrees, doctorate
degrees and high school diplomas (from Ashwood School ) and makes
sure the degrees reach their students within maximum 15 days at the student’s provided address.
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  No need to attend classes
No need to take tests

Ashwood's accredited degrees increase your income and
career opportunities by providing degrees based
on your work or life experience.
  Ashwood University
Ashwood University Evaluation Faculty    

Our evaluation faculty is well qualified in assessing the life or work-related experience that a working adult possesses.
The degrees are awarded in the major(s) requested by the applicant, upon
the approval of course-related faculty members. Most of the evaluation faculty members possess PhDs and Master's Degrees.

Due to the increase in the number of our alumni and the demand for more diversified courses and majors, we have hired additional faculty members so that you can be assured your evaluation can be done for any type of major.
At Ashwood, we provide accredited life experience degrees in various majors and have divided our faculty in accordance to the fields and majors offered.
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Ashwood University A message from the President  
Ashwood University
On behalf of Ashwood University, I invite you to earn an accredited life experience degree based on your work or
life experiences. Our evaluation faculty will make every effort to assist and guide you in achieving your accredited
degrees and certificates. You can quickly be a part of the alumni at Ashwood University and benefit from various services we are offering to our alumni members.

Ashwood University
Ashwood University
You may learn about Ashwood’s life experience degree
programs in detail by clicking here.
Ashwood University
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15 days.
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Education Verification
Ashwood provides complete authentication of all degrees and certificates. Read more
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Ashwood University
Latest news about
• Ashwood is now offering work or    life experience degrees in fire    science.

• The management has finalized a    plan to open a business
   support center.

• New hiring at the Academics    Department as Chief Administrator    has been observed

Ashwood University
Job Oppurtunity
Ashwood University has always recognized and acknowledged the efforts of its staff
to make Ashwood the preferred university for life experience degrees. Apply here
Ashwood University
Help Center
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Ashwood University
Terms of Services
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our policies, you may read here.
Ashwood University
Partnership Programs
We are offering partnership programs to Corporations and Community Colleges.
  Ashwood University

• “I couldn’t find the major fire science in any other university, but it is being offered by you people. Thanks a lot”.
Ashwood Student

• “My dream came true when I received my doctorate degree and the much awaited promotion in my department. Your services are great too!”
Ashwood Student

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