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  Ashwood University is a fully recognized university and has been awarded
the status of accreditation from various official and semi-official institutes
from around the world. All the life experience degrees offered at Ashwood
are completely legal and verified because of this accreditation.

The two major accreditations that have been granted to Ashwood are from the following recognized institutes:

Global Accreditation Board for Distance Education (GABDE)
Awarded the status of accreditation

International Accreditation Association for Online Schools (IAAOS)
Awarded the status of accreditation

These institutes are committed to improving the educational standards
of on-line universities, especially those offering degrees based
on working adults’ life or work experience.

What is Accreditation?
Accreditation is the validation of an insitution's operations and the assurance
that they have met a set of standards promulgated by a governing board
or society. The main purpose is to establish that the learning offered
is legal and of sound quality.

Why is accreditation necessary?
Any institution, whether educational or not, can aspire to accredited status. The designation of accredited status serves to provide assurance that an institution has been found to meet the particular accrediting agency’s requirements and criteria, and that the requirements and criteria are continuously met through periodic reviews, examinations, and re-application.

Additionally, the process of achieving accredited status promotes internal review by the candidate institution and increases operational responsibility and quality control.

How is an accredited university beneficial for a student?
The following are the major benefits a student receives from
an accredited university:

• An assurance that the institution is globally recognized and meets certain quality educational standards.

• An assurance that the degree the student gets from the accredited university will provide the benefits associated with high-quality educational standards.

What is the main basis on which accreditation is offered?
Various official and semi-official agencies or boards establish certain
standards required to be met by an institution/university in order to get an accreditation status. These boards or agencies evaluate the institute/university in the areas:

• Institution’s mission/vision
• Educational practices
• Administration
• Faculty
• Financial stability
• Policies and student services, etc.

Institutions fulfilling the accreditation requirements are granted accreditation.

How are the universities given the accreditation?
The accreditation is offered to only those universities or institutes that
meet the strict standards set by the official and semi-official agencies or boards which work to establish certain educational criteria and standards
to ensure that on-line universities build sound educational standards.

All of the above-mentioned boards or agencies are recognized worldwide.

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