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Alumni Center

  We provide various services for the benefit of to the alumni who earned accredited life experience degrees and certificates from our University.

We offer the following services:

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Education Verification Service:
Any degree package ordered from Ashwood, contains four copies of an education verification
letter. This letter contains the particulars of the degree holder, concerning his/her enrolled
program, GPA, the year in which the degree was earned, etc.

You can submit your education verification letters whenever they are requested. Employers, educational institutions, etc. which receive one of your letters can verify your credentials with
us by visiting the link provided in the letter.

If requested by you, we can also send your documents directly to your employer or
institute. This helps create a positive impression on your employer or institute, establishing
that your degree and all other credentials have been obtained from an authentic and
recognized university.

If you require additional copies of your verification letter, you may order them through our on-line
order form.
Click here to read about our Education Verification Service.

Job Opportunities:
Ashwood University has always recognized and acknowledged the efforts its staff has put forth to make Ashwood the most preferred university for on-line accredited life experience degrees. You can also become a part of our valuable faculty.
Click here to read about our Job Opportunities.

24-hour Help Desk:
Alumni can contact us anytime with questions, comments, and suggestions. Our help desk is available 24 hours a day.
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