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Corporate Partnership Program


Ashwood University has introduced a partnership program for corporations that are willing to invest in their employees’ overall career growth.Our program has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of organizations and industries of today, so that their employees may earn accredited degrees allowing them to achieve their personal and
organizational goals and objectives. Our partnership program caters to all industries and is periodically updated according to the latest advancements in the corporate world.

Your employees can select majors that meet the specific needs of your business. Their accredited and recognized degrees can add value to your organization as well as to their own personal and professional growth.

You can take advantage of this opportunity by signing up for our corporate partnership here.

Our partnership package includes the following benefits:

• Customized Life Experience Degree Programs:
You can select specific majors that meet your primary business needs or
critical skills. Ashwood offers degrees to working adults based on their work
or life-related experience, regardless of age, sex, marital status, or physical location.

• Cost savings:
Discounts on degrees, streamlined administrative processes, and the elimination of travel costs can yield significant savings.

Sign up for these benefits and ensure an increase in the overall productivity and growth of your organization and employee.

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1 Certificate of Membership
4 Education Verification Letters
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