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Continuing Education


The term continuing education is a broad tern that encompasses various forms of learning especially adult learning. According to the definition continuing education means a program of noncredit courses for adults regardless of previous education, offered typically by a university extension or institute. In other references continuing education is an encompassing term for post-secondary learning activities and programs.

Continuing learning includes degree credit courses by non-traditional or online students, non-degree career training, workforce training, formal personal enrichment courses (both on-campus and online) self-directed learning made through Internet interest groups, clubs or personal research activities and experiential learning as applied to problem solving.

Continuing education is considered to be smart investment that you can make at any point of time. There are no hard and fast rules applied on the students who wish to make continuing education. It is considered to be the healthiest way of keeping yourself abreast with the latest. Since continuing education is mostly made by adults, universities and colleges have created their programs in such a way that they should facilitate the students. There are various types of continuing education designed by both traditional and online education institutes to match needs of people coming to them.

Universities and colleges create continuing education programs for nontraditional student seeking credit programs, faculty members looking for help with conference or workshop, individuals interested in professional or personal development, alumni in search of career advice, and companies interested in contracting for academic services.

Courses in continuing education program are generally non-vocational intended for personal enrichment but there are many courses which have vocational purpose.
Growing interest of people in continuing education has led to the introduction of continuing education programs by the online universities and colleges. Numerous working adults prefer online education institutes for continuing education. Continuing education online is rather quick and easy; suitable for working adults. Adult continuing education is gaining significance. All universities and colleges are designing variety of continuing education program to make sure that working adults can flexibly add more value to their education and experience. Programs are more vocational in nature.

Many universities – both online and traditional – have designed continuing education programs and courses for senior citizens. Thus people in the retired lives can enroll themselves in the continuing education program and make most of their leisure time. Continuing education is a process which enables people to educate themselves even if they are over with their studies.

Professional continuing education is a specific learning activity generally characterized by the issuance of a certificate or Continuing Education Units (CEU) for the purpose of documenting attendance at a designated seminar or course of instruction. Expanding knowledge base and stay up-to-date on new developments has become a standard practice in professionals, continuing education help working adults in achieving their goals and moving ahead in their career.

Ashwood University like all other universities has designed a continuing education program. People interested in increasing their knowledge base and vocational skills can enroll themselves with the universities continuing education online program. Numerous working adults have benefited from continuing education program and have experienced the difference continuing education has left on their professional and personal lives

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