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Life Experience Degree Accredited

Ashwood University is the home of the accredited online life experience degree. Anyone who wants to acquire a degree but is not ready to go back to school has no other choice than to contact us for assistance. We have very gladly assisted hundreds of thousands of degree seekers to acquire degrees without ever having to sit for one single examination. You cannot imagine the amount of stress that was lifted off the heads of these people through the administration of the life experience degree accredited program by Ashwood University.

Through our life experience degree program, we are able to draw clear daylight between obtaining a degree and sitting for an examination in order to obtain a degree. The traditional degree program has tied degrees to examinations. You cannot obtain a degree without passing your exams. But in a system where proponents have even confessed that examinations are not the best way of assessing people, it is just right that we have discovered a new way of going around things for the mutual benefit of both the institution and the degree seeker.

Our online life experience degree programs have been modeled in such a way as to allow degree seekers who choose to use this program, access to all the degree programs that are made available by the traditional educational system. This ensures that under no circumstance will the life experience degrees accredited adopt an informal posture and as such be considered lesser in value than its traditional counterpart.

We have taken the aspect of studying out of our degree program but then we have put in place enough measures to ensure that the standard of all our online life experience degree accredited programs remain on the high level. This has been done through the implementation of effective monitoring and assessment process for all work or life experiences presented by degree applicants. When one applies for a life experience degrees accredited, we take the pains to assign a student support staff to the person. This is to ensure that the applicant is properly educated on how the program works to ensure that the life experience program retains its most cherished assets which is quick delivery from the institution to the applicant.

Once we have taken you through the program and helped you to choose a major that is relevant to your interest, career goals and experience, we will request that you submit evidence of the things you have done in the course of your lifetime. The information you submit is what is going to be used to prepare a suitable life experience degrees for you. We have a large collection of life experience degrees accredited majors and are constantly working to add more majors to our vast collection of majors that are currently in high demand in the job market.

Ashwood University as an institution of higher learning is the right place to turn to for all your degree needs. You may be in need of a life experience degrees or an online degree obtained through undertaking online course work, whichever you desire we are ready to assist you with it.

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  Life Experience Degree Accredited

Online Life Experience Degree Accredited - Prior Learning Assessment!

  Prior Learning popularly known as Life experience is one of the preferred ways to add credibility to an individual's academic education. Online Life Experience Degrees Accredited awarded on the basis of Prior Learning or Life Experience are subject to factors such as flexibility, ease and convenience, and affordability. In a nutshell, degrees earned against past experience can help many working adults and students enhance their career prospects many folds and prosper in academic & professional life.

Who is Eligible to Receive A Degree Based on Prior Experience or Life Experience?

Degree based on Prior Learning or Life Experience is conferred upon those individuals who have shown excellence in their field of work with outstanding skills, intellect and knowledge. Full Credits are awarded for having prior experience to those individuals who have obtained certifications in professional courses, etc. Numerous online institutes that award life experience degree accredited or degrees based on prior experience, evaluate individuals’ prior experience using various methods. Ashwood University is committed to serve those individuals who have served and gained experience & offers them with a genuine and accredited online life experience degree in honor of their unmatched experience with complete educational credential verification service.

Accepted and approved by majority of employers and organizations across the globe, Life experience degrees accredited earned on Prior Experience enhances the professional and academic background of an individual. Considering professional advancement, in today’s digital age it is next to impossible without possessing a credible, genuine degree. In short a graduate from a reputed university like Ashwood University doesn’t find it difficult to get a good job.

At Ashwood, we provide genuine, accredited and accelerated online life experience degrees / prior experience degrees to individuals who are approved by the Evaluation Council on the basis of prior learning be it life or work experience. So do not hesitate and apply for life experience degrees accredited and boost your bright professional career.

Let your experience speak for you & rewarded with an accredited, genuine and credible online life experience degree from Ashwood University and enhance their academic and professional horizons. Our all programs either diploma or life experience degree accredited and approved by GABDE and IAAOS. We also provide life time education verification service for your life experience degrees accredited via verification letter, email, fax or phone. Get life experience degrees accredited with credentials verification service 24/7 form a trustworthy online university.

At Ashwood we have a carefully planned and streamlined stages of different processes through which we decide the eligibility criteria of providing an online life experience degree to anyone who enrolls with us. Before providing life experience degrees to anyone, the first stage of our evaluation criteria before awarding them with life experience degrees is to properly examine and scrutinize their work experience. This includes the number of years they have served in an organization, their overall reputation in the organization they were a part of and for what precise purposes do they require a life experience degree.

After all these elements are properly verified and authenticated, the next stage of getting a life experience degree at Ashwood involves a personal assessment by the consultants and trainers that are hired by the university administration. This stage of evaluation which takes place by means of a personal interview helps the university determine whether the person requiring an online life experience degree satisfies all outlined stages of evaluation or not. Ashwood University provides life experience degree accredited by reputed educational authorities and hence any loophole left in the assessment process can easily harm the credibility that has been established by the university over the years through deliverance of quality educational assistance and consultancy to students from all around the world.
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