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Masters Degree


This program offers you an opportunity to earn a masters degree based on your work or life experience, without requiring you to take admission exams, attend classes, or study course books.

The assessment for your masters degree will be done by our professional and knowledgeable evaluation faculty for free without charging your credit card. If you qualify, your card will then be charged and your degree will be sent to you in 7 days.

Your masters degree will be accredited and recognized because Ashwood University has been given accreditation by the International Accreditation Association for Online Schools (IAAOS) and the Global Accreditation Board for Distance Education (GABDE).

  Use the links below to get quick replies to the following online masters degree questions:
  • What are the admission requirements for the master degree program?
  What is the fee structure for the master degree program?
  When will I receive my master degree?
  How do I order a master degree package?
  What if my major is not listed here?
  What majors are offered in the master degree program?
 • What are the admission requirements for the master Degree program?
Applying for a master degree from Ashwood University on the basis of your work or life experience is simple and easy. If you possess a minimum of six years of work or life experience relevant to the major you are interested in, you would qualify for this degree.
 By life experience we mean:
Ashwood University
Prior job experience in any field
Ashwood University
Military training
Ashwood University
Previous educational achievements
Ashwood University
Employer-sponsored training and attendance of workshops
Ashwood University
Participation in organizations, both professional and nonprofessional
Ashwood University
Personal goals, lifestyle, hobbies, and traveling
Ashwood University
Participation in volunteer activities and community service
Ashwood University
Independent reading, viewing, listening, or writing
If you want to apply for this masters degree now, you may click here and get your accredited degree for just $599.
(100% money-back guarantee in case you do not get approved)
master degree
  • What is the fee structure of masters degree program?
All the accredited degrees and certificates offered at Ashwood are available for a reasonable price, with NO shipping cost. We provide all our orders within 7 days. The complete masters degree package
will cost you $599.
Your master degree package will include:
   1 Original Accredited Degree
   2 Original Transcripts
   1 Award of Excellence
   1 Certificate of Distinction
   1 Certificate of Membership
   4 Education Verification Letters
If you want to apply for this masters degree now, you may click here and get your accredited degree for just $599.
(100% money-back guarantee in case you do not get approved)
master degrees

  • When will I receive my master degree?
You will receive your complete master degree package within 7 days of placing the order.

If you want to apply for this degree now, you may
click here and get your accredited degree for just $599.
(100% money-back guarantee in case you do not get approved)
online master degrees
  • How do I order the master’s degree package?

Choose a major for your masters degree from the list provided below and click on it in order to proceed to the order form.

Your desired major will already be selected on the order form for your convenience. You must then provide details regarding your work or life experience. This information will allow our evaluation faculty to approve your request for your degree package. You may also order additional educational documents (optional) from the order form, if desired.

After completing the order form you will be required to confirm your order by charging your credit card on our secured ordering page. If approved, you will receive your desired degree package within 7 days from the day you place the order.

We will ship your complete masters degree package for free to the address specified by you while filling out the order form.

If you want to apply for this degree now, you may
click here and get your accredited degree for just $599.
(100% money-back guarantee in case you do not get approved)

online master degree
   • What if my major is not listed here?
  If your major is not listed on our site, simply enter it in the field given below, press “Submit,” and proceed to fill out our simple on-line order form. We will introduce your requested major and send your degree package within 7 days.
  Ashwood University
Enter your Major here
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The Degree Package
The Degree Packages available at Ashwood contain 10 Documents altogether:
1 Original Accredited Degree
2 Original Transcripts
1 Award of Excellence
1 Certificate of Distinction
1 Certificate of Membership
4 Education Verification Letters
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Doctorate Program
PhD Program
Associate Program
High School Diploma
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Accredited Degrees Awarded
by Ashwood University
  Ashwood University
  “I had received my Bachelor’s in IT from your university some 4 years back. And since then, I had been working really hard at my job, so that I can gain my work experience that would be equivalent to your Master’s admission requirement. And just yesterday when I received my Master’s Degree parcel from Ashwood, it seemed to me that my long-time dream came true. Your superb services are always a big help!”
Ashwood Student

“I am truly impressed by your recognized degree programs. Just recently, after getting my Master’s Degree from your university I switched to this new job of mine. After a day or so, I found out that my boss also has his Doctorate Degree from Ashwood. He told me that many of his friends also have various degrees for your university. I am proud to own a degree from such a recognized university!”
Ashwood Student

“I was running my export and import business for the last 15 years, but recently due to some unavoidable circumstances, I had to shut it down. In order to support my family I needed a job, but it seemed that every employer required a minimum of Master’s Degree. At this age of 45, I could not even imagine to join a university. So a friend told me about your degree program, and without wasting any further time, I applied here. I feel lucky to hold a degree on the basis of my learning and experience.”
Ashwood Student

Administration of Justice
Aeronautical Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Aerospace Management
American Studies
Animal Behavior
Applied Linguistics
Arabic Studies
Architectural Engineering
Automotive Mechanics
Aviation Administration
Aviation Management
Aviation Technology
Behavioral Science
Biblical Studies
Business Administration
Business Law
Business Management
Chemical Engineering
Child Development
Chiro-Cranial Therapy
Civil Engineering
Clinical Psychology
Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Computer Technology
Construction Management
Cosmetic Dermatology
Counseling Psychology
Criminal Justice
Criminal Law
Culinary Arts
Customer Relations
Dental Science
Early Childhood Education
Educational Leadership
Educational Psychology
Electrical Construction
Electrical Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Electronic Technology
Elementary Education
Engineering Management
Engineering Technology
English Literature
Environmental Science
Exercise Education
Exercise Science
Facilities Management
Fine Arts
Fire Protection
Fire Science
Forensic Science
General Business
General Engineering
General High School
General Studies
Graphic Design
Health Administration
Health Care Management
Health Education
Health Sciences
Health Sciences Education
Hospitality Management
Human Ecology
Human Resource
HR Management
Human Services
Industrial Design
Industrial Engineering
Industrial Technology
Information Systems
Information Technology
Instructional Technology
Interior Design
International Business
International Diplomacy
International Management
International Relations
Liberal Arts
Library Science
Licensed Practical Nurse
Logistics Management
Management of Technology
Manufacturing Management
Marine Engineering
Marketing Communications
Marketing Management
Mass Communications
Mechanical Engineering
Medical Science
Medical Technology
Military Science
Music Education
Natural Health
Nursing Administration
Nutritional Sciences
Office Systems Technology
Operations Management
Organizational Behavior
Oriental Medicine
Paralegal Studies
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Physical Education
Political Science
Project Management
Public Administration
Public Health
Quality Management
Radiology Technology
Real Estate
Religious Studies
Secondary Education
Social Welfare
Social Work
Software Engineering
Sound Engineering
Special Education
Sports Management
Teaching English
Theatre Arts
Veterinary Medicine
Warehouse Management
Web Design
Welding Engineering
Women's Spirituality
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