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Prior Learning Assessment Degrees Are an Asset

Online universities that offer work experience degrees are able to do so by conducting prior learning assessment of the applicant in order to ascertain previous achievements and informal training sessions the fellow might have attended. The result of this assessment will help the online university to award a degree to the person. Degrees that are awarded this way will help the individual to make use of the long years he or she has spent in school. They are also very effective at helping a lot of working professionals who have contributed immensely to the growth of the companies in which they work to earn academic degrees without necessarily having to sit in the classroom.

When an individual decides to use the result of his or her prior learning assessment to obtain a degree, he or she must first approach an online university that offers this form of degree option. Once the person identifies such an institution, he or she can apply to the university. The university will in turn request the fellow to submit documents of previous informal training and achievements for assessment. The results of this program should show that the person requesting for a work experience degree has acquired extensive knowledge in his or her respective field of interest. As soon as the online university is through with the prior learning degree stage of the applicant and is fully satisfied that the person is qualified for the degree, the university will prepare a proper academic record of the fellow and then subsequently award the fellow with the degree.

The quality of the prior learning degree program is based on the fact that individuals who are awarded this degree have acquired a lifetime of experience and knowledge. The level of knowledge in this case should be comparable to what the fellow would have acquired if he or she has stayed in the classroom. The major advantage associated with degrees that are awarded based on the outcome of the individual’s prior learning assessment is that the fellow is spared the tedious task of having to undergo stressful academic work. There is no need to force the working professional that has had an extensive degree of ‘on the job training’ to go back to the classroom in order to obtain knowledge he or she already possess. In the same way, it is not very fair to deprive the fellow of the benefits that come with having a degree even though the person has the right level of knowledge and continues to make meaningful contributions to his or her employers.

Very few educational systems offer the sort of benefits that are inherent in the fast online degree program. It should not be too difficult to acquire a degree under a system that allows you to make your own appointments and draw your own academic calender instead of sticking to a more general calender that may not suit you.

The prior learning program is there to ensure that workers are duly recognized for their efforts. You may not have had the opportunity to attend college and as such you do not have a degree to boost your chances of getting a well paid job. Nevertheless, your commitment and dedication to work would have made you an asset to your employer. The prior learning assessment degree program converts these achievements into an academic degree which would be conferred on you by a distinguished online university that is widely recognized.



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