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Ashwood University Partnership Program

Ashwood University introduces Partnership Program for professionals related to the education industry, as well as for entrepreneurs running any type or size of business in any part of the world.

The goal of our partnership program is to make Ashwood University's affordable and quality higher education more accessible worldwide, while bringing monetary rewards and improved repute to our partners at the same time.

So if you're a representative of an educational institution, academic agent, consultant or an entrepreneur, we encourage you to join hands with us and benefit from our partnership program in many ways.

Top Benefits of Ashwood Partnership Program
  Icon Institutions Offer More Courses Online Resulting in Higher Enrollment Rate
  Icon Companies Benefit from Employees' Improved Academic Profiles
  Icon Improved Global Repute of your Institution or Company
  Icon Get FREE Marketing Material, Merchandise and Gifts
  Icon Get Partner/Agent Certificate and Kit for FREE
  Icon Enjoy FREE Verification Services
  Icon Get FREE dedicated member area and handle everything smoothly
educational sector
  • Representative of educational institutions, academic agents, and consultants are welcome to partner with us.
  • If you're an individual, all you need to do is refer students to us and enjoy substantial increase in income.
  • If you're an institution, you'll be able to offer more online courses in partnership with us and thus enjoy higher enrollment rate.

become partner

educational sector
  • Entrepreneurs running any type or size of business in any part of the world are encouraged to partner with us.
  • If you're an entrepreneur, all you need to do is refer your employees to us for professional degree programs.
  • With your employees equipped with Ashwood's professional education, your business will boom with its face value enhanced.
become partner

Scope of Partnership Program

Educational Institutes, Consultants or Agents can join our
Partnership Program

Our Partnership Program provides the golden opportunity for educational institutions, consultants or educational agents. Educational institutions can add more variety and modernity to their curriculum and degree programs and they can collaborate with Ashwood University to offer more to their students. For educational consultants or agents, our Partnership Program is a great option to earn huge profits and strengthen their reputation and business. As an associate you get the opportunity to bring as many students to the university as you want and earn accordingly.

What Partners Get

  • Offer courses online, get higher enrolment rate
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Get collaboration with an established online university like Ashwood
  • Enjoy increased goodwill
  • Get partner/agent certificate & kit
  • Get professional marketing material for free
  • Dedicated associate manager available 24x7 for free advice
  • Get free verification services

become partner

Entrepreneurs, Corporations or Business Professionals can join our Partnership Program

Ashwood University offers partnership to corporations or entrepreneurs willing to invest in their employees' career advancement. By investing in your employees' education your organization can better compete with today's global challenges.

Ultimately your company will be reaping benefits in terms of higher levels of performance and growth. At Ashwood, your employees could get their degrees in any area of study they want, on the basis of their prior knowledge and experience.

What Partners Get

  • Add value to your employees' profiles and hence to your organization
  • Employees' growth and development in a much better and affordable way
  • Get Partner certificate, partner kit & website
  • Get free dedicated member area and handle everything smoothly
  • Get professional marketing material at no cost
  • Dedicated associate manager available 24x7 for free advice
  • Get free verification services

become partner

How to Become a Partner?

Becoming a Ashwood University Partner is easier than you think!
Sumbit Personal, Professional and other required deta+ils through Application Form.
Partnership Committee evaluates your application and creates your account in case of approval.
You start referring students to Ashwood who pay actual fee but you keep the commission through our discounts
You keep full track of your referred students from your dedicated partner area that we create for you.
Become partners


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