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Community College Partnership Program

  Ashwood University provides a life-time opportunity to working adults, helping them achieve their personal and professional goals through earning accredited life experience degrees and certificates.

You can also participate by taking advantage of our community college partnership offer. Our partnership program allows you to provide several benefits to your students, alumni, and faculty members.

Our partnership package includes the following benefits:

We offer discounts to the members of our community college partnership program. This discount will be applied to orders for life experience degrees placed by the students referred through our partners.

Application Fee:
• No admission application fee for students referred by our partners.
• No admission application fee for our partners’ faculty members.

Other Benefits:

• Consultation With our Faculty:
Our faculty members are available to give guidance and assistance twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Your students may ask our education counselors all sorts of questions related to their degrees and majors.

• Education Verification Service:
Any degree package that is ordered at Ashwood University contains four copies of an education verification letter. This letter contains the particulars of the degree holder, such as his/her enrolled program, GPA, the year in which the degree was earned, etc.

Students can submit their education verification letters whenever required. Employers and educational institutes receiving their letters can verify credentials with us by visiting the link provided in the letter.

If requested, we can also send documents directly to prospective employers
or institutions. This helps our alumni create a positive impression on their employer or institute, assuring that their degree and all other credentials have been obtained from an authentic and recognized university.

If additional copies of the verification letter is required, they may be ordered through our on-line order form. Read details

Take advantage of this opportunity for the benefit of your students and
faculty members. All you have to do is to sign up for our community
college partnership.

If you wish to apply for the Community College Partnership, click here.

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The degree packages available at Ashwood contain ten documents:
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1 Certificate of Membership
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